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Providing innovative engineering based solutions–Packaged industrial air ventilation and air filtration products to save energy and provide clean air in business and industrial facilities. Let our engineering staff provide you with the latest innovative designs and help you inset architectsutilize the most cost effective industrial air purifiers and products available in the air filtration industry today. Let us help you specify the industrial air cleaners and air filtration products in your next project–or we can cross reference products, in existing specifications, to offer a quality U.S. built alternative.



Industrial Maid’s engineering staff can provide you with all of the industrial air ventilation submittal documents to get your project approved fast. Our staff is trained in Autocad, Solidworks and Draftsight software. From shop drawings and details to specs and submitals, we’ve got it covered.

AZtech EB34 MOD-3DD

AZtech EB 34MOD 3DD Architects

RH35-3 stand

RH35 3 stand approval std


RH60 3 TEL SU Architects




Our engineers can help you with industrial air purifier specifications that meet your needs and help you to secure the job. Unit specification drawings and Standard CSI Division 15 formatted written specifications are readily available and can be customized to virtually any application. Let Industrial Maid earn your business & be support for all types of indoor industrial air ventilation projects.

AZTech T3000

AZTech T3000 Architects


Model 3000 Architects


Our Engineering staff is trained in both Autocad and Draft Sight. We offer industrial air ventilation plan and elevation drawings as required to help you or your customer lay out our products in their facility. This assures both the you and the end user that the industrial air purifier will fit as expected in the space required as well as illustrating the air patterns and how the proper placement of the air cleaners can optimize the Filtration of the space. Whether it is a push-pull ambient application or a ducted source capture system, we can help layout a system that is best for your application.

Plant Layout A

Plant Layout A

Plant Layout B

Plant Layout B

Plant Layout C

Plant Layout C

Plant Layout D

Plant Layout D


Our Engineering staff is trained in Solidworks, allowing us to create solid models of our industrial air purifier equipment and parts. This gives us the capability to make sure that our equipment will fit in your facility like it’s supposed to and we have the fabricated part and assembly repeatability that gives us the perfect part the first time…every time, 100% guaranteed. Building with a quality 3D model also allows us to create custom parts to fit your application the first time, without trial and error.