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AZTech M36 Ducted Industrial Air Cleaner

M36 Series

Industrial Maid manufactures a series of ducted packaged industrial dust collectors designed to keep facilities clean and safe. The horizontal-style M36 Series Ducted Industrial Air Purifiers are perfect for hanging applications. These industrial air cleaner units are designed to be ducted to collect welding smoke and fumes, grinding dust, oil mist, vapors, odors or soldering fumes via a ducted source capture system. Our industrial dust collectors help you protect your valued employees and offer a cost-effective solution vs. exhausting air outside your plant.

M36 Series ducted air cleaners are available in three- or four-stage filtration configurations. These industrial air purifiers will meet your specific application needs. M36 Filter Packs are available when blower-less filter modules are required.

The M36 Series ducted industrial air purifiers come in nine models ranging 1,500 to 12,000 CFM to handle a variety of air filtration requirements.

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Model Motor Volume
Dimensions Weight Blower Filters
  • 1 HP TEFC
  • 230/460/3/60
  • 1,500
  • 26"H x 23.75"W x 66"D
  • 285 lbs
  • 10 x 8 Direct Drive
  • (1) MERV 7, 4" Pleat
  • (1) MERV 15 Bag*
  • 2 HP TEFC
  • 230/460/3/60
  • 3,500
  • 26"H x 47.5"W x 66"D
  • 443 lbs
  • 10 x 10 Direct Drive
  • (2) MERV 7, 4" Pleat
  • (2) MERV 15 Bag*
  • 5 HP TEFC
  • 230/460/3/60
  • 4,500
  • 26"H x 71.25"W x 76"D
  • 620 lbs
  • 12 x 12 Belt Drive
  • (3) MERV 7, 4" Pleat
  • (3) MERV 15 Bag*
  • 5 HP TEFC
  • 230/460/3/60
  • 6,500
  • 52"H x 49"W x 67"D
  • 845 lbs
  • 12 x 12 Belt Drive
  • (4) MERV 7, 4" Pleat
  • (4) MERV 15 Bag*
  • Blowerless
  • 2,000 CFM @ .75" W.G.
  • 26"H x 25"W x 42"D
  • 175 lbs
  • N/A
  • (1) MERV 7, 4" Pleat
  • (1) MERV 15 Bag*
  • Blowerless
  • 4,000 CFM @ .75" W.G.
  • 26"H x 47.5"W x 42"D
  • 305 lbs
  • N/A
  • (2) MERV 7, 4" Pleat
  • (2) MERV 15 Bag*
  • Blowerless
  • 6,000 CFM @ .75" W.G.
  • 26"H x 74"W x 42"D
  • 480 lbs
  • N/A
  • (3) MERV 7, 4" Pleat
  • (3) MERV 15 Bag*
  • Blowerless
  • 8,000 CFM @ .75" W.G.
  • 52"H x 49"W x 42"D
  • 610 lbs
  • N/A
  • (4) MERV 7, 4" Pleat
  • (4) MERV 15 Bag*
  • Blowerless
  • 12,000 CFM @ .75" W.G.
  • 78"H x 48.5"W x 42"D
  • 930 lbs
  • N/A
  • (6) MERV 7, 4" Pleat
  • (6) MERV 15 Bag*
  • Model Options
    (varies by model)
  • Silencer
  • Eyebolts
  • Magnahelic Pressure Gauge
  • Manometer
  • Direct Drive Bi-Blower
  • MERV 11 Bag Filters*
  • Carbon Bank
  • HEPA
  • Source Capture Plenum
  • * Efficiencies based on ASHRAE Test Methods.

Ducted Industrial Air Purifier can also be Ambient Air Cleaner

Short Description

The M36 IAC is a self-contained, high efficiency ducted industrial air purifier designed and manufactured by the experienced staff of engineers at Industrial Maid. The M-Series ducted industrial dust collectors can be configured horizontally or vertically and several stages of filters can be used to meet the specific industrial ventilation system requirements of your application. The ducted industrial air purifier's main filters are secured in place with cam over latches, which form a tight seal and stop any dirty air by-pass. The side-access doors are secured with compression hinges and latches in a design that means tool-less filter maintenance -- a whole new level of easy.

This industrial air purifier is available with a belt drive blower and variable pitch sheave to provide adjustment for precise CFM operating range. If you want freedom from replacing pulleys or belts, the industrial dust collector can also be ordered with a backward inclined high pressure direct drive blower for higher static pressure, longer filter life and spark resistance. Additional high static blower package options increase capacity for additional external static for more contaminant pickup points.

M36 IACs (Industrial Air Cleaners) are available in polyethylene plastic or powder coated carbon steel, both with a rugged 16 gauge steel frame. The poly panels have become the most popular feature in Industrial Maid’s line of air filtration systems. Customers recognize the value of a design that allows for lower initial cost, is non-corrosive and dent and scratch resistant, runs quieter and is environmentally friendly.

Saves You $$$

We have a simple formula to save you money. With an industrial dust collector or air cleaner, a blower pulls contaminated air away from your work area through a set of highly efficient air filters that separate out harmful particles. The clean filtered air is then re-circulated back into the room – no more high energy bills to heat or cool air just to have it exhausted to the outside.

A Variety of Features Means a Variety of Applications

As you can see, versatility is the best word to describe the M36 Series industrial air cleaners for dust, fumes, and oil mist. Our industrial air purifiers are designed for general background ambient air cleaner use, integration into multi-component ventilation systems as ducted industrial air cleaners or ordering with a plenum for attaching a fume arm to accommodate source capture applications. In some cases, taking advantage of a horizontal dust collector design with a ceiling mount can be the perfect industrial air cleaning solution to a shortage of valuable floor space.

Speak with an Air Filtration Expert about our Ducted Industrial Air Purifiers

If you have questions about the specs of our ducted industrial air cleaners featured here just give us a call at 877-624-3247 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CST. You can speak with an air quality specialist about industrial air cleaning with no obligation – just helpful, courteous service. For information about our industrial dust collectors and other products outside of office hours, please fill out our information request form and we will respond first thing when our offices open.

M36 IAC - 1600 CFM
  • M36 IAC ducted industrial air cleaner - 1,600 CFM (SPEC SHEET)
M36x2 IAC ducted industrial air cleaner - 3500 CFM
  • M36X2 IAC ducted industrial air cleaner - 3,500 CFM (SPEC SHEET)
M36x3 IAC ducted industrial air purifer - 4500 CFM
  • M36X3 IAC ducted industrial air cleaner - 4,500 CFM (SPEC SHEET)
M36x4 IAC ducted industrial air cleaner - 6500 CFM
  • M36X4 IAC ducted industrial air cleaner - 6,500 CFM (SPEC SHEET)

(Note: Spec sheets will open PDF in a new window)

M36 Ducted Industrial Air Cleaners Help Support OSHA Clean Air Standards

At Industrial Maid we want you to know that the lower air-to-cloth ratios for the M36 ducted industrial air cleaner extend cycles between filter changes. But when it is time to replace the filters, it is equally important to note that our equipment specifications intentionally include standard size filters making them less expensive and easier to order. For maximum efficiency and effectiveness we only use high efficiency filters, from HEPA and absorber modules to mini-pleats.

The M36 Series ducted industrial air purifier can be used to collect wet or dry particles, making it one of the most versatile industrial air filtration systems in the industry today. More specifically, these media units are designed for both general ventilation, (removing airborne contaminants from workspace atmosphere) or source capture (fume arms or ductwork positioned at the origin of contaminants). These are the units you can trust for applications dealing with grinding dust, welding smoke, oil mist, rubber dust, diesel smoke and numerous other gases and odors.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you need more information when selecting the industrial air filtration system that you can trust to protect your most valuable asset - your workforce. If you have an industrial or commercial air filtration challenge - we have an air cleaning solution for you.

M36 3500 CFM

Action Target
M36 3500 CFM

A manufacturing company in the West uses a ducted M36 Series industrial air cleaner to source capture dust and fume on a laser cutting operation. This simple air filtration system protects their workers and the surrounding assets from the fine grit and dust produced during the cutting operation. The M series ducted air cleaners can be used on all types of industrial processes, offering effective control of smoke, fume, dust, oil mist and even vapors.

OM36V3x2 4500 CFM

General Dynamics
OM36V3x2 4500 CFM

A large M36 3 X 2 Series vertical ducted industrial air cleaner used on a sensitive misting application for General Dynamics. A three stage filtration design was implemented featuring 99.97% HEPA final filters. The outdoor installation called for a weather hood and a drip track above the door seals. The M Series ducted air cleaners are available in ranges of 1,000 to 15,000 CFM.

Work with Trusted Experts in the Industrial Air Filtration Industry

A call to Industrial Maid 877-624-3247 means that you will receive attention from a live person who can direct you to the member of our air purification team that can best assist you. We take all calls seriously, whether you know exactly what kind of industrial air cleaner you need or if you are just beginning to consider the best way to tackle an air quality concern. If you aren’t able to call during our office hours (8:00 AM and 4:30 PM CST) just send us a quick email and we will get back to you the following morning.

Product Gallery

The M36 Series ducted units can be used for a variety of applications. The units are also available for floor mount applications – OM Series.

Simple installation, easy service and low energy costs keep our customers smiling!

Go to the Manufacturer when You’re Ready for Answers About Industrial Air Purifiers

If you have been looking for a solution to an industrial air filtration challenge and no one seems to be able to answer the really tough questions, give the engineers at Industrial Maid a call 877-624-3247. For example, if you are looking for a solution to your welding fume extraction challenge, especially becoming compliant with the new OSHA standards on fume extraction for reducing levels of Hexavlent Chromium, look no further. Industrial Maid has a full line of Industrial Ventilation Hoods both in horizontal and vertical configurations. Our engineers work directly with both our design and production personnel to develop the latest technology in welding fume exhaust systems. If grinding dust, diesel smoke and fumes, wood dust, or dust from fiberglass and body work are causing health issues for your employees let Industrial Maid help protect your workforce with a full line of choices including Industrial Air Cleaners (Ducted), Ambient Industrial Air Cleaners, Portable Industrial Air Cleaners/Downdrafts, FilterWalls/Backdrafts and Environmental Booths.