Practical Ventilation Hoods for Robotic and Automated Welding Cells

Robotic welding is a highly-common activity throughout many manufacturing environments. And while it is efficient and doesn’t require as much human interaction, it also produces a higher amount of welding fumes than manual welding. This increase is due to the amount of welding it can handle at one time compared to hand-held welds, which also means it’s even more important that dangerous particles and substances are filtered from the air if robotic and automated welding solutions are in use.

Just like all other solutions at Industrial Maid, our products for filtering and cleaning air from robotic and automated welding cells are top-notch. In fact, our RH Series welding exhaust hoods will collect welding smoke and fumes, even oily welding smoke, right at the cell with no ducting needed. And, while many hoods don’t have fire prevention components, ours has several built-in features to ensure your workplace is doing all it can to prevent fires.

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