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AZTech 1500iD

AZTech I-Series 1500iD Ducted Commercial and Industrial Air Purifier

1,000 CFM @1.0″ w.g. 3/4hp 115/208-208/1/60. 26″ H x 66.5″ W x 25″ D, 12 & 14 Powder Coated Steel, 3/16″ Black Recycled Polyethylene Panels, ADJ Compression Hinges with Camover filter locks and door latches. 16 GA Acess Door with Safety Power Cut-off. 4-way Aluminum Exhaust Grille. Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Auto-Cleaning Ionizer Module, 4 Watts Operating Power, 8 Watt Cleaning Cycle. Available in Bronze Hammertone Steel Construction & Panels.


(1) 4″ Merv 10 Pleated Pre-Filter
(1) Merv 14/15 (95%) Bag Filter
(1) 2″ Carbon Tray (8lb)
(1) Auto-Cleaning Ionization System

Price Includes:

(4) Factory Installed Eyebolts
(1) Manometer Filter Service Gauge


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