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Delta C2000 VFD

Delta C2000 VFD – Field Oriented Control Drive

The Delta C2000 is offered with IM VFD programming to optimize energy use and maintain air volume as filters load.  This is sensor-less proprietary program that required no ducting.  Benefits includes greater filter life, energy savings and simple installation.

C2000 Features:

  • Field oriented control drive
  • Power range: 1 HP – 840 HP (0.75 kW – 630 kW) 230 VAC, 480 VAC, 600 VAC and 690 VAC, 3 Phase
  • Volts / frequency, sensor-less vector and closed-loop field oriented and torque control with auto-tuning to improve motor performance
  • Built-in DC choke to suppress harmonics (Frame D and above)
  • Enhanced conformal coating on printed circuit boards for durability (Class 3C2 of IEC60721-3-3)
  • Built-in MODBUS communications. Three option card slots
  • Add extended I/O, encoder, resolver, relay cards

Application Features:

  • Modular design for easy maintenance and extensions
  • Duty rating: normal duty and heavy duty, 230 V and 480 V
  • Light duty, normal duty and heavy duty, 600 V and 690 V
  • Altitude rating up to 3,000 meters with de-rating
  • Up to 50 °C operating temperature
  • Programmable and removable LCD keypad with real time clock and calendar function
  • Single phase power Input with UL certification with de-rating
  • Over-flux breaking control to shorten deceleration time
  • Built-in PLC with 10,000 steps programming capability
  • Active Front End option, up to 100 HP, for 4 quadrant load regeneration, low input harmonics < 5% THDi and increased power factor > 99%
  • High speed operation up to 599 Hz
  • Safe-torque-off built-in (SIL2)
  • Auto energy savings with sleep/wake function
  • Open loop torque control
  • Extensions for external input/output, relays, 24 V external power, encoder pulse generator cards for line Driver, open collector, resolver and UVW functions
  • Controls asynchronous(induction) and permanent magnet motors
Quote request must include quantity, horse power rating & required voltage.
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