Industrial Air Cleaners: Dust, Smoke & Mist Filtration

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I-Maid Air Filtration Control Panel

Industrial Maid Air Filtration Control Panel

The easy-to-use touch screen panel enables you to monitor real-time data and control up to 32 Industrial Air Cleaners or Air Purifiers from a central location, including blowers, static pressure, filter service, and system maintenance notifications.

Delta W Series 12″ LCD Touch Screen HMI, Delta MS300 Factory Programmed VFD, 0-3″ Pressure Transmitter & NEMA 1 Enclosure

*Delta MS300 & Pressure Transmitter are housed in the NEMA 1 Enclosure on each air cleaner*

System Features:

  • User-friendly functionality
  • Easily monitor filter loading for each air cleaner
  • Receive filter service alarms
  • Building fire sprinkler system connectivity
  • Individual unit & zone controlling
  • Motor performance monitoring
  • Factory start-up support & commissioning

HMI Panel Features:

  • Controls up to 32 units (1-4 Zones Std.)
  • 12” Touch Screen (Complies with IP65)
  • UL Listed NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • MODBUS RS485
  • SD Card Slot
  • USB Port
  • Remote LAN Control Access
  • PLC offers 100 kHz high-speed output and counting functions
  • Built-in 115V/1 Phase 6ft Power Cord
  • Factory Programmed with Plant Layout and Individual Unit Performance Screens
  • Manual ON/OFF Power Button
Quote request must include T-Series or I-Series model number, number of air cleaners & required voltage of air cleaners.
(applicable on most T-Series and the 3500 I-Series)
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