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Industrial air cleaner, White dust particles on black background representing air pollutants and the need for shop air filtration


Increase Your Air Quality with Our Mini Air Purifier

We recently launched Industrial Maid’s I-Series 11″ fan and desktop Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization units. These offer clean, crisp air for all types of work and leisure spaces. It is nature’s way of keeping indoor air quality up to current standards and expectations. The I-Series Mini Air Purifiers are designed to kill bacteria, mildew, mold, and […]

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What is an industrial air filtration system

What is an industrial air filtration system and why is it important? An industrial air filtration system is used to clean up the air quality throughout a plant or in specific areas where the process creates particulates, fumes, or vapors. Air filtration is important in manufacturing or production plants because it protects your employees, plant […]

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KRVN Radio Interview Adapting and Overcoming the Pandemic

KRVN Radio Interview of Jeff Zvolanek of Industrial Maid Earlier this week, President and Co-Founder Jeff Zvolanek was interviewed by Dave Schroeder of KRVN Radio in Lexington, NE. The interview was part of a series hosted by KRVN and sponsored by the University of Nebraska’s Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program (Tues. 2/9/21 – 7:25 Sec). In […]

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Indoor Air Cleaner Reduces the Risk of Coronavirus in Restaurant

Woodees Diner in Lincoln Nebraska Reduces Risk of COVID-19 As restaurants and bars resumed operations in 2020, the owner of Woodee’s Diner, a popular breakfast and lunch eatery, considered how she could reduce the risk of COVID-19, with an indoor air cleaner that purifies the air, and maintain a healthy environment and keep her customers […]

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Blue Diamond Saloon Introduces the New Industrial Maid Air Purification Solutions

I-Series 1500iP Commercial Air Purifier keeps the air and surfaces safe in Blue Diamond Saloon The Blue Diamond Saloon, located at Blue Diamond Road and South Rainbow Boulevard in Las Vegas, is a well-known local sports bar & casino. It is rated as one of the Top Ten Kansas City Chiefs watch sites in the […]

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Neutralizing Bacteria, Mold and Viruses in Your Workplace

Manufactures of all sizes and industries from around the world have stepped forward to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. This world-altering event is unlike other significant incidents of recent history as it has progressed more slowly across the nation in a continuous wave and remains an ongoing threat to our businesses, employees, family, and […]

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Creating Safe and Clean High School Vocational Shops

High School Vocational Shops – safe, clean, and efficient learning environment Challenge: Schools around the country are redesigning their welding, automotive and wood programs and shops to attract students to in demand fields. Educators, designers, and builders are looking for cost-effective solutions to provide a safe, clean, easy to use, and flexible learning environment for their […]

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Keeping Your Wood Shop Safe and Clean

Capturing All Dust Particles, Even the Small Stuff. As you do work in your woodshop with all types of equipment, it is common to have some nuisance dust in the air. Many facilities use a central type of dust collection system or smaller units to source capture from each piece of woodworking equipment. This type […]

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What you need to know about robotic welding systems

A Growing Demand  A lack of skilled welding labor and the continued improvements in robotic welding and automated welding processes is forcing the purchase of robotic welder cells to skyrocket. Demands for welders are high, but both the welding and utility industries are failing to attract prospective job candidates. This is in large due to […]

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How to Choose an Industrial Air Cleaner System

Industrial Air Filtration Whether you need an industrial air cleaner system for your welding shop, machine shop, agriculture shop, automotive shop, diesel shop, bakery or another business that produces fumes, debris and /or smoke and chemicals—knowing how to choose the best industrial air cleaner and filtration system for you is critical to making the right […]

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