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We specialize in general plant air filtration, welding shop filtration systems, automatic and robotic welding cell filtration, and oil mist and particle control for any industry. Whether you challenge stems from welding fumes and smoke; laser and cutting fumes and smoke; grinding and deburring dust; dry dust; powders; machine processes; mist removal; sanding and finishing; vehicle exhaust or dust collection — we’ve got you covered.

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You can find our industrial maid air filtration and ventilation products in a multitude of industries. In fact, we're planning for up-and-coming industries as well, including additive manufacturing, cannabis grow houses and laser cutting. Explore all of the industries we've equipped with solutions by clicking the link below. Not sure what solution you need? Connect with us, we would love to help.

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We take Industrial Air Filtration to the Next Level with Full Line Designs

Our experience and commitment to commercial & industrial air purification have brought us to where we are today - manufacturing complete air filtration systems & industrial ventilation products that provide the best performance, efficiency, and capacity for the money. Our experience in the industry has led to the development of the complete line of AzTech commercial air purifiers, industrial air cleaners (ambient as well as ducted), filter walls, robotic hoods, mist collectors, environmental booths and portable welding fume extractors. At Industrial Maid we strive to be a full-line provider of all your industrial air filtration needs. When comparing air filtration systems, we guarantee that Industrial Maid equipment gives you the best dollar value in the industry. All of our industrial ventilation units are manufactured at our plant in Cortland Nebraska and our customers trust that every product we sell is of the highest quality in both design and construction. Listening to our customers has made our engineering team keenly aware of how important it is to maximize return on investment. You will find that all Industrial Maid air cleaners are designed with close attention to achieving low maintenance costs and extended service intervals without compromising airflow and efficiency.