Oil Mist Removal

Oil Mist Removal

The Importance of Oil Mist Removal

Problem: In the last decade, repeated outbreaks of respiratory problems in manufacturing plants raise concern about exposure to oil mist and oil smoke and have put more of a focus on oil mist removal for manufacturing, automotive, food,  and welding shops.

Numerous cases of respiratory disorders reported in auto, machining and even some food processing plants have caused researchers to take a closer look at the potential dangers of exposure to a variety of oil mists. Oil mist behavior is determined, in part, by its semi-volatile nature but can be controlled by enclosing the process and ventilating the enclosure with oil mist filters, oil mist separators and air filtration equipment that captures and retains the mist droplets.

Controlling mineral oil mist and oil mist removal is difficult because its constituents are semi-volatile. Thus, they partition back and forth between vapor and droplet phases, depending on the makeup of the liquid and on environmental parameters such as temperature. Hydrocarbon vapors stripped from filters used to collect mineral oil mist can have concentrations in the mg/m3 range, several orders of magnitude higher than the outlet droplet concentrations. As the air stream from the oil mist filters and collectors cools, the vapor can condense on cool surfaces to coat them with oil or can even condense in the air to form additional mist. This issue is also relevant to mist measurement methods, because sampling methods that use filters are subject to sample evaporation. Thus, effective control and measurement of mineral oil mist is particularly difficult and should consider the entire process, not just collection of the droplets alone.

Solution: Choosing the right oil mist filtration system to insure Employee safety. Industrial Maid can help.

At Industrial Maid, we use the newest technology to design and manufacture oil mist separators and air filtration equipment that will address the problems all businesses face including space, air flow, costs, efficiency and challenges that are specific to your industry. Another very important consideration is the size and type of oil mist filters that best suit the system you choose. Give us a call at TF: 1-877-624-3247 or send us an email: sales@industrial-maid.com. We carry a full line of pleat, bag, and HEPA filters so be sure to ask our staff which would be best for your type of application.

Visit our Oil Mist Filtration page or Oil Mist applications page for more information on available products and uses.

Industrial Maid, Oil Mist Eliminator, OM36VX3

Industrial Maid, Oil Mist Eliminator, OM36V
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