The Danger of Diesel Smoke Fume

The Danger of Diesel Smoke Fume

Problem: Diesel exhaust is all around us but people dealing with occupational exposure have to be especially vigilant.

There is no shortage of data from scientific studies with rats and mice that diesel exhaust is carcinogenic. However, it is listed only as a "probable carcinogen" because the ever-present nature of diesel exhaust makes carcinogenicity in people extremely difficult to prove. Diesel exhaust is very strongly linked with lung cancer, especially for people who are exposed daily while on their job. Higher incidences of cancer of the bladder from on-the-job exposure to diesel fumes are also currently being examined very closely. All of this data points to fume exhaust systems being vital to job safety.

The table below lists a few known health impacts at various stages of study, but there is no question that diesel exhaust contains some known carcinogens and hazardous materials. Benzene, nickel and arsenic as well as 38 other components that are hazardous pollutants listed by the EPA. (compared to the 40 recently identified by the CARB) including suspected carcinogens benzopyrene, 1,3-butadiene, and formaldehyde are among many other suspected carcinogenic components of diesel exhaust. The exhaust itself is listed as a probable carcinogen by the EPA, NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health), and IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer).

Suspected Effects on those whose Occupations Expose them to Diesel Exhaust

Type Effects
Non-cancerous Nausea, Asthma, Respiratory ailments, Headache, and Runny eyes & nose
Carcinogenic Increased risk of lung cancer
Mutagenic Increased rate of mutations

Without proper ventilation or smoke extraction systems, diesel fumes can pose serious health risks. Symptoms of the effect of diesel exhaust exposure can be difficult to pinpoint, since affected people can exhibit cold-like symptoms of nausea and headache, runny eyes and nose, and asthma-like responses. Non-cancer toxicity from ongoing exposure to diesel exhaust causes such respiratory ailments as allergenic reactions, airway restrictions and reduced pulmonary function. These reactions are very similar to those caused by smoking cigarettes, however, the inhalation of diesel exhaust is involuntary. Acute exposure can cause tissue irritation and permanent respiratory damage. Diesel fume exhaust systems can help reduce these health risks.

Scientists believe that the majority of the health risk from diesel exhaust is caused by Particulate Matter (PM) which can carry with it many harmful organics and metals. The PM averages 0.1 to 0.25 microns (1 x 10 -6 meters), with 75 percent of particles less than 1 micron. Particles in this size range are easily inhaled, resulting in possible lung cancer or non-cancerous lung damage. Diesel fume and smoke extraction systems can help filter out these dangerous particles. Although exposure usually occurs directly through breathing exhaust, particles can be deposited on skin as well. Once inside the body, the pollutants are absorbed through tissue to the bloodstream and eventually are excreted the same way other body toxins are. The EPA and Harvard School of Public Health as well as other experts in public health estimate that particulates in the air are responsible for at least 60,000 premature deaths in the U.S. each year.

Solution: Levels of exposure are an important consideration. Let our engineers help with the calculations necessary for choosing best smoke and diesel fume exhaust systems for your application.

At Industrial Maid we use the newest technology to design and manufacture smoke extraction systems that will address the problems all facilities with diesel fume exposures face including space, air flow, costs, efficiency and challenges. Another important consideration is the type of filters that best suit the fume exhaust systems you choose. Give us a call about our smoke exhaust systems at TF: 1-877-624-3247 or send us an email: We carry a full line of pleat, bag, and HEPA filters so be sure to ask our staff which would be best filters for your type fume exhaust system.


Exceptional Filter Surface Area

AZTech DS 2500DS, AZTech 36DS, industrial air filtration, diesel smoke removalThe wrap around pre-filter feature of the AZTech DS smoke extraction system models makes them ideal for a small to medium garage, machine shop, farm equipment building or industrial instruction classroom. These commercial fume exhaust systems continuously re-circulate air to collect diesel smoke and fumes and other contaminants that become airborne in the workspace. These exhaust fume filters are perfect for applications where easy change out of filters is a priority.


    • Pre-wired 2 speed switch

    • 12 & 14 Ga. Powder Coated Full Steel Frame

    • AZTech DS 2500DS, AZTech 36DS, industrial air filtration, diesel smoke removalDual Voltage 115/130

    • Airflow volume up to 2500 CFM

    • Direct drive motor blower

    • High efficiency filter media & 95% Bag

    • Made in the USA

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