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Automotive Manufacturer Looking for Single Source Capture

A French-owned automotive parts manufacturer was dealing with several CNC machines and lathes that were creating oil mist and smoke into the plant. The safety of their employees was beginning to be a problem with poor air quality and they needed a commercial air filtration solution. They decided to place 3 different units and run a test for 8 months. A single OM36 X 2 unit was placed for testing versus Torit WS series and one other foreign built unit. The test results were outstanding for the Industrial Maid OM36 X 2 unit. The cleanest air in the building was the air being exhausted out of the Industrial Maid OM36 X 2.

The OM 36 X 2 unit outperformed both units (independent testing showed 97% reduction in particles .3 micron and larger) with four stage filtration including a 2” baffle, 2” oil mist impinger, Merv 15 main bag and final HEPA. The units have Delta VFD’s for airflow control and dual magnahelic gauges with light sensor to show when service is needed. Filter life is 8 - 12 months for bags and estimated two + years for HEPA’s.

Industrial Maid Automated and Robotic Welding Hood to exhaust fumes in a welding shop or machine shop as an industrial air filtration solution

Overall in the plant the company has seen several positive results:

    • Less maintenance on the HVAC equipment
    • Protection of expensive electronic and machining equipment
    • Worker protection from exposure to smoke, mist, and fumes
    • Lower housekeeping cost
    • Better worker morale 
An impressive pleasing environment for visiting clients & potential customers.

The Industrial Maid products are built in Southeast Nebraska, backed by a courteous well-trained staff, and come with a 3-year warranty. Performance Guaranteed!


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