Managing Baking Flour with Air Filtration for Bakeries

Bread and Bakery Shop Eliminates Flour Dust and Debris


Industrial Maid Commercial Air Cleaner 2000 eliminates flour dust concern in baking company

An Artisan Bread and Baking company approached Industrial Maid with a flour dust concern in their mixing area. The company had no current means of filtration or exhaust in place. The employees that worked in that area were wearing respiratory mask and complained of the air quality. The customer provided dimensions and locations of the mixers that were the main concern. Dealing with an area that was fairly small, Industrial Maid presented a solution of using a Model 2000 Commercial Air Cleaner that would be centrally located between the mixers. The Model 2000 unit included the following details. The units have two stage filtration, 4” Merv 7 pleats, Merv 15 main bags. This Model 2000 has a 3/4HP direct drive motor blower that offers 2500 CFM on high and 2100 CFM on low. The customer’s remarks on this solution are below:

We just installed a dust collector and it is totally transformative-- really. I searched around to find the right thing and in the end the effective solution was very affordable. There is a massive difference in the air quality in the bakery. There are obvious human benefits, but it's also clear that it's going to be good for other air handling and refrigeration units that get clogged up. We changed the Pre-filter for the first time since we put it in 3 weeks ago. It had picked up a few pounds of flour! We checked the bag filter and it still looked brand new. I can't believe that A: we didn't do this years ago (there were some good bakers that would have probably not quit if we had this when they were here) and B: that I've never seen one in a bakery before. Highly recommended! You can see in the photo here where we put it. It's right over the bench with the intake closest to the divider and about 12 feet from the mixer. The salesman got the measurements of our room and where the sources of dust were and set us up with what turns out to be their least expensive unit.

The Industrial Maid products are built in Southeast Nebraska, backed by a courteous well trained staff and come with a 3 year warranty. Performance Guaranteed!
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