Robotic Welding Hood

Large Midwest Manufacturer Introduces Automated and Robotic Welding Cells


Industrial Maid Robotic and Automated Welding Hood installed in a Nebraska Manufacturing Company to solve welding air filtration challenges

A large Midwest Manufacturer was considering smoke and fume collection above their robotic welding cells and determined they needed a welding air filtration solution. The application was a tough one, as they needed to be able to place parts into the cell via overhead crane assistance. Other air filtration firms had told them they could not do top coverage and would have to try side draft systems. Industrial Maid and a distribution partner worked to provide the plant with a crane system to support the hood. Servo drives interfaced with the robotic welding program were integrated to quickly move the overhead hood out of the way for part loading. Several styles of robotic cells were involved, so each crane system had to be laid out to fit the area and still allow for part movement into and out of the weld cell. The customer has several large weld cells and is very satisfied with how the system performs.

Once the installation and interface is complete, the operator does not need to do anything but load and unload parts. This is an automated solution that works well for large part robotic and automated weld cells. The RH series horizontal style hoods work well for the smoke and fume collection. The profile is very low – 36”, so they fit below the larger overhead crane gantries. Sizing the hood system, airflow and filter media to match the application is done by careful evaluation of wire type & use along with part movement requirements. A thermal shut off switch can be used as a simple effective control in the case of a thermal event. The RH series hoods draw air from each end, not directly above the welding zone, providing low inlet velocities and no direct path for sparks to reach the special designed spark arrestor filters.

RH35 & RH60 feature include: low HP motor blower packages, simple installation, easy filter service and collection of smoke and fumes from above the weld cell area. An impressive pleasing environment for visiting clients & potential customers.

The Industrial Maid products are built in Southeast Nebraska, backed by a courteous well trained staff and come with a 3 year warranty. Performance Guaranteed!

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