Commercial Air Filtration System

Collect dust, smoke, fumes and other airborne contaminants with a practical, energy-efficient solution. Rated from 2,000 to 3,000 CFM.

Commercial Air Cleaners Overview

The commercial air cleaner / commercial air filtration system is designed for collecting dust, smoke, fumes, and other nuisance dust from lighter loading applications. This solution is ideal for schools, bakeries, print shops, IT centers, wood shops and others. It continuously recirculates air to collect harmful particulate, smoke and vapors that have become airborne in the workspace.

The below specifications overview features available on the product series, not all features are available on each product. Please contact us for more details or questions.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Two and three-stage filtration
  • Standard 3/16” black matte recycled polyethylene plastic panel
  • Easy change-out filters
  • 115 Volt with 12ft power cord
  • High/low/off switch

Commercial Air Cleaners Product Insight

Additional model options include a silencer, eyebolts, manometer and MERV 11 bag filters.

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Application Guidelines

Some of the most popular applications for the self-contained commercial air cleaners are 3D printing, art studios, bakeries, print shops, wood working and many more.  Different filter configurations can be placed in these units to suit almost any application.

Applications Air Exchange Rates (Minutes)
Art Studio 6-8
3D Printing 8
Bakery (Flour) 8-10
Print Shops 8-10
Wood Working 8-10
Maker Spaces 8-10
IT/Computer Centers 10
General Ambient Air 10

Contact the staff at Industrial Maid for additional applications not listed above. Call: 402-798-7116

Step 1

Determine the AER – Air Exchange Rate from Table 1 that best fits your application needs.

Step 2

Determine the total cubic feet of your plant work area
Total cubic feet = L x W x H (maximum height 20’)


L= length of your workspace (feet)
W= width of your workspace (feet)
H= height of your ceiling in the workspace (feet)

Note – we use dimensions only to 20 feet as smoke, dust and fumes will stratify well below this height. Example: 24 ft ceiling height—20 ft.

Step 3

Divide the total cubic feet by the AER determined in Step 1.

Step 4

Divide this total by the CFM of the unit you prefer to use.
2000c is 2000 CFM
2500 is 2500 CFM
T-3000 is 3000 CFM


Workspace is 40’ long X 40’ wide X 12’ tall
Total cubic feet is: 40 X 40 X 12 = 19,200 cubic feet

3D Printing application
Use 8 as the AER (air exchange rate)
(from Table 1) 19,200/8 = 2,400

Assume using a Model 2,500 (2,500 CFM unit)
2,400/2,500 = .96 or 1 unit(s) to handle the application.

Step 5

Determine best location or placement for units.

Our qualified staff is always available to help you determine CFM requirement, placement and then final selection of the units that will provide you the best “cost of ownership” in regards to electrical consumption and filter service costs. Contact Sales @ (402)798-7116

*Source capture may be required to meet OSHA, PEL or TWA requirements. General guidelines only, consult factory for specific details.

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