Dust Collection Systems

Filters dust and particulates for small and lower CFM applications.

Dust Collection Systems

There are many smaller applications that still need to be addressed for dust collection. Whether you are working in a farm shop or dealing with composite dust or general nuisance dust , you need to think about how to collect and contain that dust in your work environment. That is where the DFC series provides a great solution. These compact designed dust collectors are great for lower CFM and lighter loading applications. The single cartridge can be designed to fit several areas of your shop.

The below specifications overview features available on the product series, not all features are available on each product, please  contact us for more details or questions. Or learn tips on Keeping Your Wood Shop Safe and Clean .

  • 1 or 1.5 HP high pressure motor blower package–non-sparking composite cone and wheel
  • On/Off switch with 25” power cord
  • Sealed dust drawer with cam release lever
  • Hopper with 5-gallon container
  • Tool-less service
  • 12, 14 and 16-gauge powder coated steel
  • 4 to 8” inlet collar

Dust Collectors Product Insight

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