Oil Mist Collection Overview

With the Industrial Maid Oil Mist Filtration and Oil Mist Collection solutions, you will gain an industrial mist collector solution that empowers you to never compromise your industrial processes and air quality. These units provide unrivaled performance and proven solutions for the collection of all your plant’s oil mist, smoke, and grinding dust applications. The vertical configuration uses a unique oil mist eliminator, fiberglass media filtration, and HEPA final filter option that makes this system very efficient for both oil mist and smoke particles.

The below specifications overview features available on the product series, not all features are available on each product, please contact us for more details or questions.

  • Vertical configuration
  • High efficiency backward inclined blowers for low-cost service
  • Controls mist and smoke from oil-based, water-based and synthetic coolants
  • Utilizes standard size, high efficiency filters
  • Optional configuration allowing for hanging from eyebolts, brackets or use of a heavy-duty stand
  • Carbon HEPA final filtration

Oil Mist Eliminators Product Insight

Additional model options include magnahelic pressure gauge, silencer, floor stand, HEPA final filter and eyebolts. Industrial Maid oil mist collectors are available in four standard sizes for oil mist filtration, with CFM ranges from 1,000 CFM to 8,000 CFM. We can help you control the mist and smoke from oil-based, water-based and synthetic coolants.

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Industrial Maid Oil Mist Units: