Robotic and Automated Welding Hoods for Fume Extraction

Built to fit over robotic and automated welding cells to extract and remove welding fume, gas, and smoke with simple, proven technology. Rated from 3,500 to 6,500 CFM.

Robotic and Automated Welding Fume Extraction Hoods Overview

Take the guesswork out of extracting and collecting your welding smoke and fumes with simple, proven local exhaust ventilation technology. Industrial Maid has developed a unique and cost-effective line of horizontal and vertical Welding Fume Extraction Hoods. These units are built to complement robotic welding systems and automated welding processes. The robotic and automated welding hoods are simple to install, easy to service, and do not require compressed air.

The specifications below provide an overview of the features available for the product series. Not all features are available on each product. Please contact us for more details or questions.

  • Quiet operation that eliminates constant pounding and banging during the cleaning cycle of a dust collector
  • Three-stage filtration configuration
  • Modular and available in a variety of sizes
  • Multi-stage fire prevention
  • Multi-pocket high efficiency bag filter to take out smaller welding smoke and fume particulate
  • Do not require compressed air
  • Filters can be serviced by disposal, so no dust is handled from dump trays or drums
  • Low air-to-cloth ratio to allow filters to collect more weld smoke, dust and particulate
  • Size of hood can be customized to maximize square feet of work area

Robotic and Automated Welding Hoods Product Insight

Additional model options include floor stand, magnahelic pressure gauge, welding curtain, MERV 11 bag filters, motor/blower upgrades, thermal shut-off switch, and HEPA after filters. The welding ventilation hood systems are modular and available in a variety of sizes.

Check out the specs, add to your cart or contact us about what air cleaner is right for your needs.

Industrial Maid Robotic and Automated Welding Hoods: