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Keep Air Clean and Healthy with Industrial Maid Robotic and Automated Welding Fume Extraction Hoods

The RH-Series Hoods are the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to clean the air and help keep your employees safe and healthy in robotic and automated welding applications. These extraction hoods are:

  • Space-saving
  • Ductless
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quietly controlled
  • Extracts oily weld fumes and smoke

The RH Series hoods can sized to fit various sizes and shapes or robotic/automated welding cells. They can be incorporated into the existing automated system or be a stand-alone unit.

Designed For You

Industrial Maid’s engineering team has over 50 years of manufacturing and service experience in high production automated and robotic welding environments for metal production and fabrication, automotive and several other industries.

We understand the workflows, processes, and challenges you face in your manufacturing environment and have applied this knowledge to the design of the RH-Series Robotic and Automated Weld Cell Hoods. The size of the weld fume extraction hood can be customized to fit directly over the weld cell. The hood can be mounted on stands, suspended, or mounted on automated crane systems. Dustproof LED lighting kits are included to illuminate the work area below. The RH-Series Hoods are easy to install, reconfigure and are low maintenance. Energy consumption is a fraction of ducted and other systems with larger motors and compressed air. This thoughtful design’s net result is the safest, most-effective, and efficient system on the market with a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

What Benefits Do You Receive?

Safety is built-in from the start. The design of Industrial Maid’s RH-Series hood systems benefits from over 30 years of experience from our Engineering staff and feedback from thousands of customers. With no ductwork, low inlet velocities, specially designed spark arrestors, and a thermal shutoff switch, the risk of a fire event is the lowest in the industry.

You will receive a faster and easier installation with our ductless, modular Robotic and Automated Welding Hoods than any traditional ducted systems. Because the units are ductless, it‘s less expensive and time-intensive, and the installation won’t interfere with other infrastructure and equipment in your facilities.

Our units use up to 40% lower energy than traditional ducted systems. No ductwork is a significant savings upfront on labor and materials. Our units can operate more efficiently with lower horsepower motors.

Our Ambient Air Cleaners are overhead and out of the way where they won’t impact floor space.

Everything is easily accessible for fast filter changes and maintenance – no special tools are required. The filter design makes filter change-out quick and easy. And our filter service indicator lets you know when it’s time to change.

The RH Series Hoods operate between 72-83 dBa depending on the motor/blower package. Silencer options and acoustic lining options are available to help lower the noise level if needed

If a robotic cells needs to be relocated, the RH Series can be easily moved as well. No expensive redesigning of ductwork needed.

Proven Technology

The space-saving and modular design of the RH-Series Robotic and Automated Welding Cell Hoods allow for maximum flexibility during installation and changes. Industrial Maid’s advanced ductless design has the lowest fire risk in the industry. Safety features of the welding fumes extraction hoods:

  • Low inlet velocities
  • Offset baffled intakes
  • Thermal Safety Switch
  • Multiple aur turns before reaching filters

Additionally, the units have a thermal shutoff switch to cut power in case of a thermal event. The RH-Series weld fume extraction hoods have three filtration stages and a low air-to-cloth ratio to allow the filters to collect more weld fume, smoke, dust, and particulate and ultimately extend the filter life. Filter service is by disposal, so no dust is handled from dump trays or drums. Lastly, there is no compressed air, so the units operate more cost-efficiently, and noise levels are lower.

Made In The USA

All Industrial Maid products are made in the heartland. We are proud to be located in the Midwest and to uphold the values of professional and personal service to all of our customers.

Industrial Maid has been helping customers provide clean, safe, and efficient work environments for more than 15 years. With more than twenty-five thousand ambient air cleaners in thousands of businesses across North America and beyond, our innovative products and services stand out. The T-Series Industrial Air Cleaner is another example of our innovation and timely response to market needs.