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Ducted Air Cleaners

Control welding smoke and fumes, oil mist, vapors and other nuisance dust. Rated from 1,500 to 7,500 CFM.

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Ducted Air Cleaners Overview

Industrial Maid manufactures a series of ducted packaged industrial dust collectors designed to keep facilities clean and safe. These industrial air cleaner units are designed to be ducted to collect welding smoke and fumes, grinding dust, oil mist, vapors, odors or soldering fumes. Our industrial dust collectors help you protect your valued employees and offer a cost-effective solution vs. exhausting air outside your plant.

The below specifications overview features available on the product series, not all features are available on each product. Please contact us for more details or questions.

  • Self-contained
  • Vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Sealed filter cabinet
  • Highly efficient
  • Tool-less filter maintenance
  • Available in polyethylene plastic or powder coated carbon steel with a 16-gauge steel frame
  • Belt drive and backward inclined blower packages

Ducted Air Cleaners Product Insight

Additional model options include a silencer, eyebolts, magnahelic pressure gauge, MERV 11 bag filters, carbon bank, HEPA, and source capture plenum. In some cases, taking advantage of a horizontal dust collector design with a ceiling mount can be the perfect industrial air cleaning solution to a shortage of valuable floor space.

Check out the specs, add to your cart or contact us about what air cleaner is right for your needs.

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Application Guidelines

Some of the most popular applications for duct air cleaners include welding smoke and fumes, oil mist, machine grit and smoke, odors and vapors, and process dusts.



M36 Series:

  • 12 & 14 Ga. Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • 16 Ga. Steel Doors
  • 3/16 Polyethylene Panels
  • Adjustable Compression Hinges
  • Cam Door & Filter Latches
  • 4-Way Aluminum Exhaust Grille
  • Cam Over Gasket Seal Frame
ModelMotorVolume (CFM)DimensionsWeightBlowerFilters
1,50026"H x 23.75"L x 66"D285 lbs.10x10 Forward Curve
Belt Drive
(1) Merv 7, 4" Pleat
(1) Merv 15 Bag*
M36x2 IAC2 HP TEFC 230/460/3/603,50026"H x 47.5"L x 66"D443 lbs.10x10 Forward Curve Belt Drive(2) Merv 7, 4" Please
(2) Merv 15 Bags*
4,50026"H x 71.25"L x 76"D620 lbs.12x12 Forward Curve
Belt Drive
(3) Merv 7, 4" Pleat
(3) Merv 15 Bags
M36x4 IAC5 HP TEFC 230/460/3/606,50052"H x 49"L x 67"D845 lbs.12x12 Forward Curve Belt Drive(4) Merv 7, 4" Pleat
(4) Merv 15 Bags*
M36Blowerless2,00026"H x 25"L x 42"D175 lbs.N/A(1) Merv 7, 4" Pleat
(1) Merv 15 Bag*
M36x2Blowerless4,00026"H x 47.5"L x 42"D305 lbs.N/A(2) Merv 7, 4" Pleat
(2) Merv 15 Bag*
M36x3Blowerless6,00026"H x 74"L x 42"D480 lbs.N/A(3) Merv 7, 4" Pleat
(3) Merv 15 Bags*
M36x4Blowerless8,00052"H x 49"L x 42"D610 lbs.N/A(4) Merv 7, 4" Pleat
(4) Merv 15 Bags*
M36x3x2Blowerless12,00078"H x 48.5"L x 42"D930 lbs.N/A(6) Merv 7, 4" Pleat
(6) Merv 15 Bags*

*Efficiencies based on ASHRAE Test Methods