Air Filtration Creates School Safety

Air Filtration Creates School Safety


welding ventilation, fume collector, industrial air cleaner, commercial air cleaner, industrial air purifier, shop air filtration, industrial maid, industrial maid air filtration, wood shop air filtration, welding shop air filtration, school wood shop air filtrationMany high schools have restructured their welding, automotive and woods programs to get students more interested in each field. With that come upgrades to the shop areas to provide a safer, better learning experience for the students. Several schools were looking at large central systems and decided that smaller packaged air filtration systems and industrial air cleaners would be more functional, easier to install, simple to maintain, and less expensive to purchase. Industrial Maid, a local Nebraska industrial air filtration and ventilation company that specializes in industrial air cleaners, offered complete design and installation service for the welding, plasma cutting, gas torch welding, automotive shop and the wood shop areas. In the welding shops Industrial Maid offered OM36V with either slotted intake plenums or individual backdraft hoods for each booth. One unit serves for two booths to better control energy use when only a small number of students are working at a time. A model DFC-12 with Auto-Pulse filter cleaning is used on small Plasma tables.

In each of the three shops, T-3000 ambient air cleaners have been used to capture dust, smoke and fumes. The airindustrial maid, industrial maid air filtration unit, welding ventilation systems, welding booth ventilation, welding shop ventilation systems cleaners work well in large open areas and present a very cost effective air cleaning solution. Specific filter combinations are used in the automotive and wood shop, along with Totally Enclosed Air Over 2-speed motors.

  • Lower energy costs

  • Less maintenance on the HVAC equipment

  • Protection of expensive electronic and machining equipment

  • Student protection from exposure to smoke, dust and fumes

  • Lower housekeeping costs

  • Better student morale

An impressive pleasing environment for both students & instructors. The Industrial Maid products are built in Southeast Nebraska, backed by a courteous well trained staff and come with a 3 year warranty.

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