Robotic Hood solves Automotive Air pollution

Automotive Manufacturer Solves for Lack of Floor Space


A large Midwest Automotive Manufacturer was revamping a portion of their facility with all new robots, automated welding and small manual welding stations. Lack of floor space was a big concern for the company and wanted to utilize the free overhead space for their air filtration solution. A large mechanical contractor worked directly with Industrial Maid to fit overhead hoods systems on each custom automated weld cell. The small welding stations needed overhead collection with duct drops down a long line of work areas.

The mechanical contractor and Industrial Maid designed custom solutions to fit over each of the incoming automated welding cells using both the RH-35 and RH-60 series hoods. Each hood is equipped with a special extension package to fit the dimensions of the cell as well as strip curtain to help contain and collect the smoke and fume generated. Other features of these hoods include; two dust proof light kits mounted on the bottom of the hood, Variable Frequency Drives to soft start and better maintain the airflow, and thermal shut off switches to cut the power in the case of a thermal event. During the installation, each hood went up smoothly and fit seamlessly over each cell. Two M36x4 IAC ducted air cleaners were also used for the line of small manual weld stations. These were mounted near the ceiling with ductwork drops to ten stations each. An inline spark trap was installed near the inlet on the unit to prevent any hot sparks from entering the air filtration unit. Each unit has four multi-stage filter cabinets that contain filters up to 95% efficient.

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RH35 & RH60 feature include: low HP motor blower packages, simple installation, easy filter service and collection of smoke and fumes from above the weld cell area.

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These solutions provide an impressive pleasing environment for visiting clients & potential customers. The Industrial Maid products are built in Southeast Nebraska, backed by a courteous well-trained staff and come with a 3-year warranty.

Learn more about Industrial Maid solutions for Robotic and Automated Welding.

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