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Air Filtration in Agriculture Equipment Shop 


A Midwest based Implement Dealer of Agriculture Equipment was in need of an industrial air cleaning system to improve the air quality in their mechanical and service shop. The 10,000 sq ft shop was only using the overhead doors and exhaust louvers that were not working properly. The concern was mostly nuisance dust, diesel smoke, and some welding smoke. With the movement of farm equipment in and out of the building, overhead space was going to be a necessity.

Industrial Maid Ambient Air Cleaner T-3000 Agricultural Industrial Air Filtration Unit


Industrial Maid supplied the facility with (8) T-3000 air cleaners that are wall mounted on each side of the shop so they are not in the way of the employees as they move equipment around. Each unit has its own wall switch so they do not have to be on at the same time, controlling energy usage. The old exhaust fans and louvers were removed and replaced with larger 48”x48” exhaust fans and louvers with weather hoods on the exterior to prevent wind and water from getting inside. The company has noticed several positive results including:

Industrial Maid Ambient Air Cleaner Vent Fans Agricultural Industrial Air Filtration Unit

    • Less maintenance on the HVAC equipment
    • Protection of expensive machinery and mechanical equipment
    • Worker protection from exposure to smoke, dust and fumes
    • Lower housekeeping costs
    • Better worker morale

An impressive pleasing environment for visiting farmers & potential customers.

Industrial Maid Ambient Air Cleaner T-3000 Agricultural Industrial Air Filtration Unit

The Industrial Maid products are built in Southeast Nebraska, backed by a courteous well trained staff and come with a 3 year warranty. Performance Guaranteed!

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