Filtering Germs and Viruses out of local restaurant

Decreasing the Risk of Coronavirus in Restaurant

Customer Problem: 

As restaurants and bars resumed operations in 2020, the owner of Woodee’s Diner, a popular breakfast and lunch eatery, considered how she could reduce the risk of COVID-19, with an indoor air cleaner that purifies the air, and maintain a healthy environment and keep her customers and employees safe.

The owner asked Industrial Maid to find a solution that 1) aligns with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) coronavirus considerations for restaurants and bars; 2) reduces the risk of virus transmission, and 3) delivers clean air for their patrons.


Given the restaurant’s size and seating capacity of 40 people, one of the first Model 1500iP Portable Air Purifier was placed into service. As part of the installation process, an ion counter measured the difference between the baseline (before start) and the steady-state operation ion levels. Refreshingly, results showed a ten-fold increase in positive and negative ion production.

The 1500iP portable commercial air purifier equipped with NeedlePoint BiPolar Ionization (Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization) technology has been in operation for several years.  The unit removes odors, collects nuisance dust, kills bacteria, and neutralizes viruses – including the SARS-CoV-2. Lynnette Farabee, the owner, says, “It offers peace of mind that we are using the best available technology to clean the air.”

Industrial Maid first introduced the new Industrial Air Purifier in 2020 with its first units shipping in June. The company has always taken the quality of air for customers, employees, and all patrons seriously, which is why Jeff Zvolanek opened Industrial Maid in 2004. When the pandemic hit they immediately got to work on developing a solution that would not only clean the air but rid it of 99.9% of particles, germs, and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus. To learn more about indoor air cleaners, and specifically the new Industrial Maid Air Purifiers, visit

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