Air Cleaning for a Machining Company

Machining Company


A large upper Midwest machining company was looking to clean up the original plant, keep a new addition clean and comfortable while offering a better work environment and a crisp clean professional look for outside visitors. The plant also had large temperature swings with hot and cold spots in the summer and winter. Industrial Maid, in conjunction with a distribution partner, helped them choose an overall ventilation package solution. This solution encompassed (6) 16’ Entrematic HVLS fans, (1) iFAN control system and (28) Industrial Maid T-7500 packaged air cleaners.Industrial-Maid-Ambient-Air-Cleaner-T7500

The iFAN control package is a 21” touch screen system that allows the user to start/stop and reverse the fans along with RPM (speed) control. The screen also shows each of the twenty eight air filtration units and allows the user to start, stop and see the actual HZ the units are running at. This offers information on when the units need to be serviced. Each VFD for the air cleaners is factory pre-programmed to soft start and then slowly ramp up thru time as the filters load with particulate. This is a great enerIndustrial Maid Ambient Air Systems, T-3000 Seriesgy saving feature and gives the user a much longer filter service life.


  • (28) T-7500 Industrial Maid Air Cleaners with Delta C2000 variable frequency drives (factory pre-programmed)

  • (6) Entrematic I Class 16’ HVLS fan with variable frequency drives & reversible capabilities

  • (1) Entrematic iFAN touch screen control panel system

  • (1) Fire control panel to shut down the units in case of a sensed fire in the sprinkler system

The plant workers immediately liked the better comfort provided by the fans and also noticed a monumentalIndustrial-Maid-Ambient-Air-Cleaner-and-HVLS-Fan improvement in the air quality. A study is being done on the cost of operation for this system thru the next few heating and cooling season. “A new use of technology that provides air cleaning in a large workspace, along with good temperature control for both summer and winter months.” The HVLS fans are reversible to draw air upward in the winter months and keep the plant air de-stratified without causing any discomfort to the workers on the plant floor.


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