Manufacturing Company Air Improvements with Air Filtration

Metal Fabrication Company Desires Clean Environment


Industrial Maid Ambient Air Cleaner T4500X2 in a fabrication and machining shop to meet OSHA regulations in fabrication shops, repair areas and burn rooms.

A metal fabrication company located in southeast Nebraska built a new 41,250 square foot fabrication facility in 2006. The facility is air-conditioned and the owner wanted to try to keep the air environment clean from start-up. In one area of the building they have a 4,200 square foot welding bay that is sectioned off by a half wall. Also, in a separate part of the building, they have two laser cutting tables with dust collection units. Their main concern was the welding bay area and the smoke from the laser table that the dust collection units do not completely take care of. Industrial Maid came in with solutions for each of the problem areas. Two T-3000 units were installed to filter the nuisance dusts that escape from above the laser tables. Four, 3 HP T4500x2 units filter the air in a 120x35x22 ft. welding fabrication area. As you can tell in the picture below the T4500x2 units were ducted through the half side-wall and intake the dust and fumes as they rise. The area is also sectioned off by hanging strip curtain below the half wall. In addition, two small 1-HP exhaust fans are used during mild-temperature seasons. The total horse power for the equipment installed in the plant is 15.5 HP offering low energy consumption. Overall the plant has seen several positive results:

Welding bay or machine area with T4500x2 T-Series Ambient Air Cleaners installed as Industrial Air Cleaner Units
    • Less maintenance on the HVAC equipment
    • Protection of expensive electronic and machining equipment
    • Worker protection from exposure to smoke, mist, and fumes
    • Lower house keeping costs
    • Better worker morale

“An impressive pleasing environment for visiting clients & potential customers.”


The Industrial Maid products are built in Southeast Nebraska, backed by a courteous well trained staff and come with a 3 year warranty. Performance Guaranteed!

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