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Welding and Technical Training Center Introduces Fume Collection System


A Northeast Nebraska Technical Training Center was in need of a new fume collection system for their remodeled welding training area. A system was needed that could be installed inside and could be used for up to 14 stations. Previously they had electrostatic units in place that became outdated and did not perform as they should. A mechanical contractor that performed the remodel asked Industrial Maid to help with the design of a unit that would provide 800 CFM to each of the 14 stations. The Industrial Maid M36X4 was the best solution for the job. Two units were needed to serve 8 stations on one side and 6 on the other. The M36 X 4 units include the following details. The units have four stage filtration, 2" aluminum mesh pre-filters, 4" Merv 7 pleats, Merv 15 main bags and HEPA final filters. The units have six and eight drops each, sized for 800 CFM

each. The blower package is a high pressure direct drive BI fan, driven by a 10 HP TEFC motor. This system is operating with two each Delta B series variable frequency drives. This allows for soft starts and manual control of the CFM output. The benefits of this simple cost effective solution for the control of welding smoke and fumes in the training center include:

Industrial Maid ducted air cleaner for welding and technical training center to remove welding exhaust fumes
    • Lower energy costs
    • Less maintenance on the HVAC equipment
    • Protection of expensive electronic and machining equipment
    • Student protection from exposure to smoke, dust and fumes
    • Lower housekeeping costs
    • Better student morale
    • An impressive pleasing environment for both students & instructors.
The Industrial Maid products are built in Southeast Nebraska, backed by a courteous well trained staff and come with a 3 year warranty. Performance Guaranteed!
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