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Clean Air for your Welding Bays and Production Areas

Welding bays and production areas often have a variety of material handling equipment that make it a challenge to keep areas clean and to capture hazardous welding smoke and fumes. The fact is, any metalworking plant or manufacturing facility, has the need to solve air quality and cleanliness. There are basic federal requirements in place, but many times we find our customers need to go beyond those to create a healthy and clean environment.

Industrial Maid has several tested and proven solutions for welding bays and general production areas that provide top-notch air filtration solutions that are quickly becoming the industry standard for controlling smoke and fumes in large fabrication shops across the U.S.

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Below are six product categories that will help keep your welding bays and production areas clean. Explore each area and the products within it, order online or give us a call.

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We specialize in general plant air filtration, welding shop filtration systems, automatic and robotic welding cell filtration, and oil mist and particle control for any industry. Whether you challenge stems from welding fumes and smoke; laser and cutting fumes and smoke; grinding and deburring dust; dry dust; powders; machine processes; mist removal; sanding and finishing; vehicle exhaust or dust collection ? We’ve got you covered.