Air Filtration Control System and Electrical Controls

A simple way and economical way to control your air filtration solutions.

I-Maid Air Filtration Control System and Electrical Controls Overview

Industrial Maid continues to be a leader in the air filtration industry, utilizing top of the line electrical controls and energy-saving technology. For many years, we have used a variety of factory-programmed Delta VFD packages to optimize energy use and maintain air volume in our ambient air cleaners. Our custom program reacts as the filters load and keeps steady air volume. This program has been helping our customers save energy dollars and extend their filter life for many years, and we want to help you do the same.

Recently we have introduced our new I-Maid Air Filtration Control Panel. The I-Maid touch control panel manages up to 32 T-Series Air Cleaners or 3500i Air Purifiers in up to 4 different zones. With this HMI touch control panel, each air filtration unit has its own Delta VFD that is linked back to one central location. It includes a 12″ touch screen, MODBUS RS485, Android & IOS remote capability, and many more features. You will be able to read real-time data from each air filtration unit, including static pressure readings, filter service notifications, and more. The system will also link up with your facility’s fire alarm, sprinkler, and fire suppression system to shut down when activated.

Electrical Controls Product Insight

In addition to the I-Maid Air Filtration Control Panel, we offer two Delta VFD models that come with several options and in several sizes. We also offer the option to use simple push-button and rotary style motor starter with either Nema 1 or 12 enclosures. Please consult with the factory to determine which option is best for your air filtration solution.”

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