Air Filters from Industrial Maid

Industrial Maid offers a wide variety of replacement industrial and commercial air filters to meet the needs of any commercial or industrial air filtration system—with unbeatable quality and pricing. We offer replacement filters for any Industrial Maid product line, including but not limited to: Robotic and Automatic Welding HoodsIndustrial Air Cleaners, and Oil Mist Collectors. We also offer OEM cartridge replacement filters. Industrial Maid filters are easy to install, clean, maintain, or replace.

Below are just a few types of our available replacement filters and OEM cartridge filter brands. See product specs, part numbers, and how to buy using the ‘Learn More’ link under each section or call us with any questions.

Types of Replacement Filters

  • Pleated filters
  • HEPA
  • Poly Pad Rolls
  • Aluminimum Mesh

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OEM Cartridge Filter Brands

  • Nordson
  • Polaris
  • UAS

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Air Filter Replacement

Air filter maintenance is key to keeping optimal air quality in your business and minimizing issues associated with your HVAC system. Air filters collect all kinds of dust, sports, dander, and other particles that get pumped through your air HVAC system, resulting in cleaner air throughout a building. Clean air alone can have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line, by improving overall worker performance and reducing the risk of lost productivity due to illnesses and allergies.

Filters that aren’t replaced regularly can result in unhealthy air, reduced airflow, difficulty heating and cooling, increased energy bills, and increased exposure to dangerous air pollutants. Cleaner air promotes better health for everyone and cleaner air filters promote improved HVAC efficiency.

Filters should be changed (replaced) using the correct size and type of filter—and changed at the interval specified by the manufacturer. Improperly fitted or installed filters can result in a number of different issues. If you have questions about replacing any industrial / commercial air filter— contact Industrial Maid today.