How to manage Air pollution in your Wood shop

Keeping Your Wood Shop Safe and Clean

Capturing All Dust Particles, Even the Small Stuff.

As you do work in your woodshop with all types of equipment, it is common to have some nuisance dust in the air. Many facilities use a central type of dust collection system or smaller units to source capture from each piece of woodworking equipment.

This type of equipment does a nice job of taking out the major dust, but almost never captures the very fine nuisance specks of dust escaping from the equipment or from many manual operations performed in open areas, such as workbenches.

Using a free-hanging ambient style industrial air filtration system is a great way to “polish” the air and take out that last remaining nuisance dust. The system is often referred to as a push-pull system because it pulls the air through, filters it and pushes it back into the shop. This type of circulation protects the workers in the area, keeps equipment and electrical systems free from dust and debris, and ensures you can keep your shop closed up during extreme weather while helping keep the area clean and safe.

Industrial Maid can help you design a safe air filtration system to keep your woodshop operating at top efficiency. This equipment has been proven very effective in personal wood shops, makers spaces, high school, and trade school shops & larger woodshop applications.

The before and after images below show the difference an industrial air system can make in collecting not only the larger particles of wood dust but the nuisance dust that is much more invisible to the eye.



Some common Industrial Maid Industrial Air Cleaner and Dust Collector Units are listed below. To see all Industrial Air Filtration equipment and Dust Collection systems, click the appropriate link below. Not sure which one is right for you? Read How to Choose an Industrial Air Cleaner System

Industrial Air Filtration Units and Dust Collection Systems from Industrial Maid:
AZTech T2500, Ambient Air Cleaner, Industrial Air Filtration, T-Series, Commercial Air Cleaner
Industrial Maid Ambient Air Cleaner T-3000 for Industrial Air Filtration and Ventilation
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Industrial Maid DFC 12 Dust and Fume Collector
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