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The goal of the Industrial Maid team is to help business owners provide a clean, safe and efficient work environment. Our air filtration industrial solutions help industrial facilities save on energy dollars, keep a clean manufacturing facility and protect workers from exposure to welding smoke and fumes, grinding dust, wood dust, vapors and other air borne contaminants.

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Simple, safe and effective. We are an air filtration manufacturer with unmatched customer services, disruptive technology and a philosophy of incremental improvement. Our unique equipment offerings incorporate environmentally sound components and keeping purchase, install and operation simple. We can assist with design, drawings, layouts and practical advice for solutions to air filtration applications.

From the empty drawing board of ideas in 2004, we have grown to become a leader in the packaged air filtration equipment industry. Thousands of North American businesses rely on our products and support to keep their workplace clean, safe and productive. We are honored to be a U.S. based manufacturer and take great pride in protecting employees, assets and the environment from exposure to poor air quality.

First location of Industrial Maid Industrial Air Filtration and Ventilation shop in Lincoln, Nebraska started by Jeff Zvolanek and Todd Adams in 2004.



Industrial Maid LLC Founded in Lincoln, Nebraska by Todd Adam and Jeff Zvolanek, both graduated from the University of Nebraska Engineering College. Todd and Jeff saw an opportunity to produce a simple modular air filtration product line that would keep industrial and commercial facilities clean and safe.

Second location of Industrial Maid Industrial Air Filtration and Ventilation shop in Cortland, Nebraska started by Jeff Zvolanek and Todd Adams in 2006.

Industrial Maid LLC-Cortland, Ne June 2006


Industrial Maid buys a six acre tract in the Tower Industrial Addition in Cortland, Nebraska and builds a new office and assembly plant.

Industrial Maid in Cortland, Nebraska that manufacturers industrial air filtration and ventilation products expands it's shop to keep up with steady growth.

Industrial Maid-Cortland Nebraska 2008


Industrial Maid adds a second warehouse and assembly building to keep up with the steady growth of the company.

Industrial Maid Automated and Robotic Welding Hood to provide industrial air filtration solutions in a welding shop or machine shop.

Robotic and Automated Welding Hoods


RH Series ventilation hoods are introduced into th automated and robotic welding industry. They quickly prove to be quieter, more energy efficient and less expensive to operate than typical cartridge dust collectors. These units can handle oily welding smoke and fumes and are carefully designed to not have fire incidents.

Industrial Maid Ambient Series Air Cleaner, Industrial Air Filtration System, T-Series, T3000, T2500, T3500, T4500, T6000, T7500

Industrial Maid T-Series Ambient Air Cleaner


A milestone of 5,000 T-series modular industrial air cleaning units sold in North America is reached. This equates to more than 17,500,000 CFM of clean air for the marketplace.


Entrematic HVLS fans


The introduction of IFAN controls to use ambient air cleaners in conjunction with Entrematic HVLS fans for complete comfort control and air filtration of large production areas, welding, finishing and machining.

Industrial Maid Ambient Air Cleaner in a Nebraska based component manufacturing facility

35,000,000 CFM of clean air achieved


The next milestone of over 10,000 T-Series modular air cleaners sold in the world. This equates to over 35,000,000 CFM of clean air for the air filtration marketplace.

Industrial Maid HMI control panel


A new Industrial Maid HMI control panel is introduced to work in conjunction with factory programmed VFD’s and T-Series units, controlling up to 32 units from one touch pad location. Extremely low energy consumption for running multiple T-Series air cleaners with full control at one central panel location.

Our Clients

Our team has vast experience designing and building industrial air solutions and filters for all kinds of manufacturers, shops, warehouses, and distribution centers across the country. Our industrial indoor air solutions greatly improve working conditions by removing airborne contaminants. Some of our clients are listed above. Visit the Resource Center to download relevant case studies.

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