Air Filtration for Agriculture

Improving the Air quality in Agriculture goes along way in running a successful facility! Agricultural activities like harvesting, processing, and livestock operations generate various airborne contaminants, including dust, mold spores, pesticides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and ammonia. These pollutants pose risks to respiratory health and can impact employees, your livestock, nearby communities, and the environment.

Proper air filtration in agricultural settings is crucial for protecting workers' health, ensuring regulatory compliance, and minimizing environmental impact.

Agricultural Air Quality Concerns

Manufacturing and Agriculture Air Filtration

Here at Industrial Maid, Ag runs in our veins here in Nebraska. Most of us grew up on farms or have worked in the Agriculture industry. With that being said we understand the impact the air hazards produced in this industry can have on us, livestock, and the surrounding community and work hard to make sure we're mitigating those risks!

Agriculture work produces the following potentially hazardous air particles you'll want to address:

  • Dust: Working outside and operating machinery inside is bound to stir up dust.
  • Ammonia and Pesticides: Livestock or treating can place these particulates in the air to be ingested and pose a great risk on the lungs, and if we're being real the lunch sometimes too.
  • Mold Spores: This is something that poses a bigger issue but capturing these in the air while you're dealing with the source is an important step to preventing spreading.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds: This is something we're seeing more and more regulation around. EPA just passed a new regulation on VOC and PM2.5 regulations that will go into effect in the next 3 years.

A number of areas within Ag facilities produce these the most and you'll want to center your filtration around these biggest producers:

  • Crop Processing equipment (harvesting, threshing, etc.)
  • Livestock
  • Pesticide storage
  • Soil Management equipment (tilling and Plowing machinery)

Our Industrial Air Cleaners help to address general dust build up within barns, equipment facilities, and workshops.

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Our Environmental Walls can help with a number of common hazardous particulates and are customizable for your facilities needs.

HEPA Filters are effective at capturing fine particles, such as Mold spores, Pollen, and endotoxins

Carbon Filtration helps to capture Pesticides, VOC, and Ammonia commonly found among livestock producers.

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Like our Filter Walls and Environmental Walls our Ducted units can be customized to fit your specific application. HEPA, CARBON, and 2 phase filtration with Bag helps to capture the major particulates typically generated by this industry. This can also help capture, filter, and exhaust air outdoors if needed or be placed outside to conserve space.

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We specialize in general plant air filtration, welding shop filtration systems, automatic and robotic welding cell filtration, and oil mist and particle control for any industry. Whether you challenge stems from welding fumes and smoke; laser and cutting fumes and smoke; grinding and deburring dust; dry dust; powders; machine processes; mist removal; sanding and finishing; vehicle exhaust or dust collection ? We’ve got you covered.