Robotic welding is an everyday activity throughout many manufacturing environments. And while it is efficient and doesn’t require as much human interaction, it also produces more fumes than manual welding. The additional welding fumes are a result of the increase in output in comparison to hand-held welds, and the dangerous particles and substances must be filtered from the air if robotic and automated welding solutions are in use.

Just like all other solutions at Industrial Maid, our products for filtering and cleaning the air from robotic and automated welding cells are best in class. Our RH Series welding exhaust hoods will collect welding smoke and fumes, even oily welding smoke, right at the welding cell with no ducting needed. And, while many welding cell hoods don’t have fire prevention components, ours has several built-in features to reduce fire risk.

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Below are six product categories that will help keep your welding bays and production areas clean. Explore each area and the products within it, order online or give us a call.

We specialize in general plant air filtration, welding shop filtration systems, automatic and robotic welding cell filtration, and oil mist and particle control for any industry. Whether you challenge stems from welding fumes and smoke; laser and cutting fumes and smoke; grinding and deburring dust; dry dust; powders; machine processes; mist removal; sanding and finishing; vehicle exhaust or dust collection ? We’ve got you covered.