Machine Shop Air Filtration: Challenges & Solutions

Whether you’re running an automotive machine shop, engine machine shop or general machine tool shop, safety and cleanliness are always a business consideration. Machinists in your shop use a variety of equipment for cutting raw materials into different shapes and sizes. These machines, including drill presses, lathes, tables saws, milling machines, and others pose risks to your workers.

These risks aren’t just posed from using the machines and protecting from injury, but from the dust, debris, metal fragments, chemicals, oil composites and particles that are released during the machining process. These create visible and non-visible dangers to the air quality and cleanliness of your machine shop. When these debris build up over a period of time it can cause lasting effects to the quality of your shop, and the quality of life for your workers.

The Impact of Air Quality in a Machine Shop

A large factory equipped with an industrial air cleaner for purifying the air.

In 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported there were over 360,000 total machinists working across the US. These machinists use machine tools to fabricate or make modifications to metal, plastics or wood, some of these occupations include:

  • Assembling and fabrication
  • Cutting, punching and press machine shops
  • Grinding, lapping, polishing and buffing machine operators
  • Inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers and weighers
  • Industrial Machine Mechanic
  • Industrial Maintenance Workers
  • Lathe Operators
  • Welders

No matter your industry, Industrial Maid has a solution to improve air quality, employee’s working conditions, and HVAC efficiency, all while meeting OSHA requirements.

Solutions for Machine Shops

Air cleaners are necessary for any indoor area where contaminants or pollutants are generated. Machine shops generate a variety of airborne dust, contaminants, and other particles that reduce air quality and can be hazardous to employee’s health. Industrial Maid has a variety of AZTech T-Series available to meet the needs of any machine shop.

  • Improve overall air quality in your shop
  • Create a better environment for employees and customers
  • Improve energy efficiency throughout your shop
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Removing harmful oil mists reduces maintenance needs and downtime, while creating a safer machine shop for your employees.

  • Reduce mist and smoke from water-based and synthetic coolants
  • Minimize oil mist exposure, ensuring OSHA compliance
  • Ensure shop safety
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Proper dust collection is important for reducing cleanup time in your shop. It’s also critical in reducing the amount of dust particles you and your employees breathe in during work. Breathing in wood and dust particles can result in serious respiratory issues.

  • Remove unwanted debris, fine dust particles, and other materials from the surrounding air
  • Get increased efficiency and productivity
  • Create a safer work environment
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Control hazardous fumes and gases in your welding shop. Exposure to welding fumes/gases from inadequate filtration can result in dizziness, nausea, or irritation to the throat, nose, and eyes.

  • Reduce exposure to welding fumes and gases
  • No installation required for highly-effective fume collection
  • Promote secure and healthy work atmosphere
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Metal Fabrication Company Desires Clean Environment

Hear how Industrial Maid empowered MetalQuest to achieve clean air and a healthy environment through its Industrial Air Filtration Ambient T-Series.

A metal fabrication company, located in southeast Nebraska built a new 41,250 square foot fabrication facility. Looking to keep their employees safe, they sought solutions to minimize the pollutants in the welding area and from laser cutting tables.  Industrial Maid provided a variety of the solutions they needed, including Industrial Air Cleaner Ambient T-Series. See the full story, using the link below.

Learn More About the Ambient T-Series Industrial Air Cleaners

We specialize in general plant air filtration, welding shop filtration systems, automatic and robotic welding cell filtration, and oil mist and particle control for any industry. Whether you challenge stems from welding fumes and smoke; laser and cutting fumes and smoke; grinding and deburring dust; dry dust; powders; machine processes; mist removal; sanding and finishing; vehicle exhaust or dust collection ? We’ve got you covered.