Industrial Mist Collectors

Industrial Maid shop air filtration systems and industrial oil mist collector solutions can help protect your employees and equipment investment, clean up the shop area and take stress off of your HVAC system. In a manufacturing or metalworking industry, oil mist is unavoidable—because when fluids used to cool or lubricate metal working tasks, it disperses oil mist, and possibly smoke, into the air immediately after coming into contact with any fast-rotating tool. This mist and smoke have varying types of risk factors, but exposure should be reduced as much as possible.

Our OM series mist collectors use a loft fiberglass filtration media to collect water or petroleum-based machining coolants. The industrial air filtration unit’s vertical design with three stage filtration helps drain off excess coolant, keeps the filters cleaner longer and effectively filters out the hazardous smaller size mist created by today’s high-pressure high flow machining centers. In addition, Industrial Maid T-Series machine shop air filtration systems give you the option of cleaning all the ambient air in your shop.

What is oil mist?

In manufacturing or any type of metalworking, fluids are used to cool and lubricate any machining activity—to reduce friction and eliminate wear on machinery. These fluids contain different oils or minerals and contaminants in them to protect the metal and ensure no reaction from the activity.

When these fluids come into contact with fast-moving tools, they cause oil mist, which is dispersed into the air. They can also cause smoke—both due to the high temperatures of the metal parts during machining.

There are regulations on the limit of exposure to oil mist, but there are many different makeups of these fluids, making it difficult to define how much exposure is too much. For that reason, and for the purpose of keeping your shop clean from smoke and mist that may damage or increase wear on other machinery, industrial air filtration or ventilation system is a smart investment to make.

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