Containing and Eliminating Dust

Your company works hard to provide a top quality finished product. This means your staff is focused on grinding and finishing with precision and detail. Whether you’re looking for machine shop air filtration, body shop air filtration or something else, we can provide you a comfortable and safe workspace while collecting the unwanted dust particulate created during these operations with our downdraft tables for metal grinding and our industrial dust filters–ensuring your machine shop air filtration is the best it can be.

We offer special equipment options including industrial dust extractorsdowndraft tables for grinding dustboothsdry media collectorsfilter wallsgeneral ambient air cleaners and even wet collectors. We are certain we can help you find the right downdraft grinding tables and dust filters for your industrial needs.

A snapshot of machine shop safety

There are many dangers and risks in a machine shop—some more obvious than others. At Industrial Maid, we focus on the air quality and ventilation of shops, helping owners overcome the challenges of dust, particles, mist and other types of chemicals that may be dangerous to the health of the employees and tend to dirty and wear down shop surroundings and equipment.

But, there are other safety regulations that should be followed to minimize the risk to anyone who works in a machine shop, or any shop that actively performs grinding, finishing, welding or other types of operations that can bring extra risk. These include:

  • Wearing safety goggles or glasses to keep debris and other particles from getting into your eyes. If you’re welding, wear a helmet with a protective lens shade to prevent welder’s flash.
  • Keeping your hands covered with protective gloves so you don’t expose yourself to chemicals that could react negatively to your skin, excessive temperatures, vibration, or sharp corners or edges.
  • Always taking your time, never rushing through a job to try and get it done quickly
  • Ensuring you’re wearing proper clothing—no loose or baggy clothes that could get caught in machines and steel-toe boots or shoes are best to prevent chemicals from soaking into your shoes or causing injury if something gets dropped. Aprons for those who work with chemicals is always a good idea, and no loose or unrestrained hair that could get tangled in the way of the machine or its operation.
  • Checking for ventilation hoods or filtration systems—legally—these should be present in the shop. If they are not, a form of respirator needs to be available to all employees.
  • Avoiding leaving a machine unattended. When machines are in operation they should always be managed and have someone present to stop operation if a problem occurs.

At Industrial Maid, we work to ensure all of our customers have what they need to offer a clean and safe environment to their employees. It’s a critical part of a good operation, but also a healthy workforce and recruitment plan.

Not sure what you need? We're happy to help with identifying what you need for your specific Air filtration application or get you to one of our trusted distributors in your area for a personalized approach.